GhNOG-8 @ T-Poly

The 8th Edition of the GhNOG workshop was held at the Tamale Polytechnic.

GhNOG-8 Team

GhNOG-8 Team arrives at the Tamale airport in their preparation for the 8th Edition of the GhNOG.


Internet Society, Ghana Chapter organised Intercommunity 2016 under the Theme:To help build a world that supports everyone’s right to use the Internet to share knowledge, innovate and get their voices heard.

-Internet Ecosystem In Ghana-

Prof. Nii Narku Quaynor, Chair of the Internet Society (ISOC) Ghana Chapter and Africa Internet pioneer has been awarded the 2015 ICANN Multi-stakeholder Ethos Award during the opening ceremony of ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires. prof

Prof. Quaynor was recognized for his historical and current role in ICANN and the global Internet community. He was instrumental in establishing AFRINIC and AFNOG in Africa, and has been referred to as the father of the Internet in Africa for his unwavering commitment over the past two decades in pioneering Internet development and expansion on the continent.

The ICANN Multi-stakeholder Ethos award program was created in 2014 to recognize ICANN participants who have deeply invested in consensus-based solutions and the importance of ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model to Internet Governance.

“To me, this is a testimony that ICANN in its own way is international and open. Someone from the developing world can contribute and be recognized by his peers in ICANN,” said Quaynor.

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Mark your calendar for InterCommunity 2016! Who: You When: 21 September 2016 Where: Everywhere there is Internet Why: To help build a world that supports everyone’s right to use the Internet to share knowledge, innovate and get their voices heard.

In a keynote address to open the Workshop, Prof. Nii Quaynor, the Internet Hall of Fame inductee and chairman of ISOC Ghana Board of Trustees charged participants to start building networks in the proper way with the knowledge they will acquire. He said this was the first time the workshop was being held in the Northern part of Ghana which has been marginalized with transfer of knowledge on network technology in the community-

Dr. Abdulai Mohamed-Sani, Director of the Information Services and Technology Department (ISTD) at University of Professional Studies, Accra and Executive Director at ISOC Ghana chaired the Workshop and called for partnership between the Tamale Polytechnic and Internet Society. .

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder forum for policy dialogue on issues of Internet governance. It brings together all stakeholders in the Internet governance debate, whether they represent governments, the private sector or civil society, including the technical and academic community,