Election HUB

Internet Society Ghana 2017 Election Hub

  1. The Elections 

The mandate of the Executive Council (EXCOM) of Internet Society Ghana Chapter is 2 years. The last EXCOM was elected into office in July 2015 which means the term of the current EXCOM expired at end of July 2017.  Accordingly, an election is being held to select a new EXCOM of the chapter.

    2. Terms of Reference of Elections Committee

In accordance with Article 9-2 of the Chapter Bye-Laws, the President in consultation with the EXCOM has been empowered to set up a nomination (Elections) committee to oversee elections. In accordance with these provisions, the out-going President has set up an Elections Committee (hereinafter known as ElectionCom) comprising 3 members from the chapter, a member from the Kenya Chapter, and a member of the Zimbabwe Chapter. The TOR for the ElectionsCom can be found here.

   3. Qualification for Candidates

The list of officers and chair persons of the standing committees’ positions to be contested for can be found in Articles 5 & 8 of the Chapter Bye-laws. A list of qualifications for candidate has been put together to ensure that candidates selected have been members of the chapter for a minimum period and should have been actively involved in Chapter activities. The list of positions and minimum qualifications can be found here.

    4. Expression of Interest for Positions

The Call for Expression of Interest will be opened from the mid-night of November 26 2017. Prospective candidates are to submit a statement expressing their interest for the role they have chosen. The Expression of Interest must include the following:

  • A nomination form filled by the nominator (self-nomination is allowed) who must be a members of the Chapter and seconded by another member of the Chapter
  • Statement expressing Interest for the role and indicating the competencies and experience of the nominee and his/her vision for the chapter
  • A passport size picture (in soft copy)
  • A copy of the curriculum vitae of the nominee

All prospective candidates must submit online here before Thursday, December 7, 2017.

After the receiving the expression of interest, the  elections committee will screen the prospective candidates and a final list of candidates will be posted here

     5. Election Manifesto Day

In order to give prospective candidates  opportunity to engage with members, the elections committee has designated a day as Elections Manifesto day. This will be done via ISOC Webex or Zoom Meeting platform all members who will like to listen to candidates’ share their vision can join. There will be a face-to-face meeting will be organized alongside the Webex or Zoom meeting for members localized in Accra Ghana for this purposed.

    6. Eligibility to vote

The voter for Election 2017 must be a member of the ISOC Ghana Chapter who must have registered to become a member of the chapter before the Mid-night of November 26, 2017.

    7. Electronic Voting

Voting in the Chapter Elections will be by electronic voting to be facilitated by Internet Society. Voting will be opened for a period of four days as stipulated in the Elections Program. Each voter will be given a token that can allow them to vote. Further details on Electronic voting will be made available soon.

    8. Declaration of Election Results

The ElectionsCom will announce result of election on the chapter Website - Election HUB and via the ISOC email system on the date and time stipulated in the Elections program.

    9. Suggestions and complaints

The ElectionCom will receive all suggestions regards the conduct of the election at election2017@isoc.gh. An Ombudsman will be appointed to handle all disputes emanating from the election.