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The Internet Society Ghana Chapter is a chartered chapter of the Internet Society. The chapter was established in 1996 and has pursued the aims and objective of Internet Society, representing its strategic interest of making the Internet widely available and free from control.

The Call

Internet Society Ghana Chapter (ISOC Ghana) appoints officers for a two-year term. The term of the current Executive Committee comprising officers and standing committee chairpersons expired on 31st December 2012. The board of Trustees of the Chapter, in accordance with the bye-laws of the Chapter is seeking to elect a new Executive Committee for the term January 2013 to December 2014. The officer positions available to be occupied are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Vice Secretary
  • Financial Controller

The board will also like to open nominations for the following standing committee chairpersons:

  • Chair, Programs & Communications
  • Chair, Education
  • Chair, membership
  • Chair, Technical Projects

All positions are voluntary and are not remunerated.   Any persons duly registered as a member of the Internet Society at the global level and resident in Ghana with a desire to serve the Chapter is free to apply to any of the positions.

However a minimum of three years membership with active participation is required for President and Vice President Positions.

A three-man Electoral Commission has been set up to oversee the nomination process. All interested persons must submit a statement of expression of interest for a particular office. Each submitter must have a statement of support from another member to back his or her expression of interest.

All submission should be made to the Commission at For more information on the functions of the officers and committee chairs, please see attached ISOC Ghana Chapter Bye-Laws

Duration of Call and Announcement of Election

The call for volunteers will be opened from January 7 – 21 2013, followed by online and face–to-face interviews conducted by the Commission, which will then submit its report to the board by 25 January 2013. 

Finally, the board will sit on the report and announce the outcome of the elec