Terms Of Reference 2017 Election

Terms of Reference – Election Committee

In accordance with Article of the ISOC Ghana bye-laws and in line with powers vested in me as president of ISOC Ghana chapter under article IX 1, I hereby announce setup of Election Committee for the chapter as follows:


The Election Committee shall be setup as a temporary committee of the chapter with the sole mandate of conducting Chapter elections for 2017


The election committee will start its work from the date of establishment of the committee and will complete its work at most 30 days from date of establishment the committee.  The effective date for establishment of the Election Committee shall be November 20, 2017.


In accordance with Article IX 3,

  1. The committee shall be responsible for identifying people who may serve on the EXCOM and various committees
  2. Conduct a free and fair election of officers to serve as EXCOM for the chapter
  • Announce winners of the election


The committee’s composition will be as follows:

  1. 3 volunteers based in Ghana
  2. 2 Observers from other chapters
  • Technical Support staff from ISOC head office

Through a process by the EXCOM, the following persons have been selected to serve on the committee:

  1. Godfred Ofori-Som ( Chair, Ghana)
  2. Eric Akumiah (Secretatry, Ghana)
  3. Eleonore Addo (Member, Ghana)
  4. Martin Obuya (International Observer, ISOC Kenya)
  5. Tawanda Maguze (International Observer, ISOC Zimbabwe Chapter)
  6. Victor Ndonnang (ISOC technical Support, Internet Society)

Conducting election:

The committee shall conduct elections by electronic voting.
An initial call for interest will be made for members interested to hold an office
Detailed program for conducting the elections shall be determined by the committee from a recommended program below.

Communication Channels:

All members of the committee will be subscribed unto a mailing list: isocgh-elections@isoc.gh which will be their day to day communication channel. Chapter Members shall send enquiries and comments through this mailing list.

In view of the spread of membership of the committee, all meetings shall be conducted online. The committee may have meeting using any of the following:

  • Zoom (to be provided by ISOC)
  • Skype
  • Any other meeting platforms that may be available

High level program for election

  • Review criteria for members to stand for election
  • Review criteria for members to be eligible to vote (if any)
  • Make call for expression of Interest
    Receive nominations from interested persons (via email or web submissions from chapter website)
  • Review received EOIs and screen candidates
    Publish List of Candidates on Chapter website
  • Create environment for all candidates to share their vision with members
  • Organize election debates for candidates
  • Conduct elections on Election Day or period
  • Close polls and announce results.

Announcement of Results

The committee will send result to all members and publish on chapter website

Appointment of Ombudsman

Any issue that arises during the election process will be handled by the ombudsman appointed by the President in consultation with the Chairman of ISOC Ghana Chapter Board of Trustee.


Marcus K. G. Adomey
Chapter President

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